Company Profile
Jerash Pharmaceuticals is a state of the art manufacturing company established in Amman Jordan in the year 2005. As first phase Jerash Pharma started by manufacturing liquid and semisolid dosage forms, and hospital disinfectants. The second phase will include other pharmaceutical dosage forms.
Jerash Pharmaceuticals is part of Khraim Group which is owned and run by Dr. Sulieman Khraim and family. Khraim Group started in the pharmaceuticals business in the year 1965 as a pharmacy and nowadays the group consists of the following companies:
Khraim Drug Store: Agent for ethical pharmaceuticals and medical supplies representing multinational companies in Jordan and the neighbouring countries established in the year 1971
Aleiman Laboratories: A manufacturing plant produces medicated cosmetics, para pharmaceuticals and hair care products established in 1993 and follows strict GMP requirements.
Amr Khraim drug store: A logestic and distribution company deals with OTC drugs and para pharmaceutical products which covers the private market and governmental institutions established in 2005
Jerash Pharmaceuticals: A state of the art pharmaceutical manufacturing plant located in Amman Jordan, specialised in manufacturing liquids, semisolid and hospital disinfectants.